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Waterproof Premium is made from WPC material (Wood Polymer Composite), also named Greener Wood, is a Macro-Moleculer Mixture of Wood Flour, PVC & Calcium Carbonate, which are mixed in a certain proportion.  

It is a new recycleable construction material, which is made by phisical, chemical & automatic control hightech technology & measures.

Then laminate it by HPL (High Presure Laminate) or floor film (Decorative Layer Printed with high-resolution photo-reproduction of wood grain) using PU adhesive (Polyurethane Glue), and cut/slot/seal into Eco-friendly WPC Laminate Flooring. 

exif_temp_image (2).JPG

PREMIUM Flooring its "Engineered Waterproof Flooring" since the appearance & the finishing like "Engineered Flooring"

The PREMIUM Series coming with two difference wood decor each plank, can use both side, stable, save money & eco-friendly. 


100% waterproof,100% termite proof;
Stain resistance, no sanding or varnishing, no hacking of subfloor;
Wear and tear resistance, low carbon and environmental protection;
No formaldehyde, good to people health.
Save time and money – WPC flooring can be installed directly on damp concrete, even without damp barrier, reducing preparation work, saving precious time and money;
Healthy living solution - WPC flooring keeps indoor air quality clean as it does not harbour dust or allergen. Its floating installation method also provides a crushing effect for enhanced comfort;
Eco-friendly material – As WPC flooring is made of high quality synthetic resins and contains wood components, it is a solution for the environmentally-conscious consumers. Renovation costs can be significantly reduced as there is no hacking required on existing subfloor. The core material does not contain formaldehyde and is fully recyclable.


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