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Our Waterproof Decking is made from enhanced impregnation technology (Laminated Veneer Lumber). With layer-by-layer treatment ensures Heveatech Decking to be thoroughly uniform in structure, with equal density and moisture. By using this method to increases the wood's density and prevents water absorption, which contributes to the durability and performance of our wood products.

Heveatech Decking is also resistant to insects and termites, guaranteed.

Decking SOLID Home Floor
Spesifications Decking SOLID Home Floor
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Made of 100 % real wood

Natural wood grain suitable for all your needs. 
Available in a variety of colors and patterns.


Extremely durable

15 years structural warranty against delamination along with 10 years of warranty against decay and termite infestation. As durable as a first-class solid teak.


Superior dimensional stability

Up to 50% less expansion and contraction compared to solid hardwoods. 
Stays straight with no bending.



With a density of 820 kg/m2 making our wood products 
similar to the strength to Bangkirai and Merbau.


Size Consistency

Available up to 5 meters long with customizable widths, 
thus reducing waste and saves resources.


Ready to install

Uniform moisture content means no conventional preparation required, 
making installation faster.



Made from unused plantation-grown rubber tree, 
recyclable as reclaimed lumber.

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